Another Mad Pooper Has Struck Near Buffalo

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The town of Orchard Park, N.Y., home of the Bills, has been soiled by a person leaving poops in places where they shouldn’t. This unrestrained defecator’s modus operandi sounds very much like the infamous Mad Pooper of Colorado Springs.

The Buffalo News noticed an ad, placed in the Nov. 26 Orchard Park Penny Saver, pleading for the “person/jogger who is pooping on our lawns” to stop. The ad’s use of the majestic plural suggests that this has happened to more than one lawn in the neighborhood. News reporter Aaron Besecker followed up with Orchard Park police and learned that one woman had filed a complaint last month about a repeat offender:

Police received a complaint Nov. 8 from a woman on Woodview Court who said she found feces and tissue outside her home, said Orchard Park police Lt. Jason M. Schiedel. The woman who registered the complaint believes the perpetrator may be a jogger and indicated that it has happened more than once, Schiedel said.


Could it be that the Mad Pooper fled to Western New York to escape the national attention, but couldn’t resist going back to her old ways? Or is this a copycat crapping? The police admitted that they don’t have many leads, but if you have any information on either caca case, please email

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