At this point, the adage that "David Stern doesn't want a Spurs-Pistons final" has become so commonplace as to become tired. But if you live in a world that pretends that Nielsen boxes actually mean anything โ€” because no one's ever met anyone with a Nielsen box and you could track actual viewing patters using DVR and Tivo, but that would never happen because everyone pretends Nielsen knows what it's talking about, because without them there is chaos โ€” Stern has good reason to want to see the Spurs go home early.

As FanIQ pointed out yesterday, the Spurs have played in three of the lowest rated series since 1982, and last year's series โ€” which had freaking LeBron in it โ€” was the worst ever. Even though we're somewhat sympathetic to the "appreciate the Spurs" sentiment, that doesn't mean we actually want to watch them play. From the looks of it โ€” allotting for the usual Nielsen mystery โ€” you don't either.

Keep The Spurs Out Of The Finals [FanIQ]