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Another Reason To Host A Super Bowl Party

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Thousands of businesses count Super Bowl week as one of their busiest, most successful of the year — including us, frankly — the time when they bring in enough consumers to make up for other times of the year.


It should not be a surprise that the vocation of taking off one's clothes in front of fellow human beings — often to the beat of a rock soundtrack, usually Motley Crue, Warrant or Tori Amos — earn an uptick during Super Bowl week. The Wall Street Journal's Sam Walker, friend of Deadspin, takes a closer look at the Christmas season for strip shows.

Super Bowl Sunday is the industry's busiest day of the year. Not only does the money earned during the game account for as much as a quarter of a typical agency's revenue, major agencies say the number of Super Bowl orders has been growing by 15% per year. Tony Hassan, the owner of Erotic Image in Detroit, says he's booked 150 shows for Sunday and will bring in as much as $45,000 — nine times the normal revenue for a February weekend.


We have never attended a Super Bowl Party in which dancing entertainment with easily removable clothing was part of the decore, but we understand, we suppose. When Billy Joel, Prince and Rex Grossman are the alternate entertainment, some boobs, yes, might be in order.

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