Answers To All Big Ben-Related Inquiries

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Well, as you can probably imagine, it's been all kinds of crazy around here since we posted those Ben Roethlisberger pictures yesterday afternoon. (We think we've been on every radio show in Pittsburgh; we had no idea they had so many stations.) We thought we'd take this time to answer a few FAQs about the photos, if you're just popping by around here.

Where did the photos come from? Did you take them? Someone sent them to us. We don't know how to work a camera.


When were they taken? We don't know, and we do not claim to. Judging by the length of the beard, however, we're going with "more recently" rather than "while at Miami of Ohio." We do doubt it was the night before the Broncos game, though.

What's the big deal? It's just a young guy out having fun. We agree. There are certainly worse photos out there of just about everyone we know. We think it has become a story because the Super Bowl is the most canned media event in sports; the players are bioprogrammed by their handlers to eliminate any element of humanity from their personalities. When something like this comes out during Super Bowl Week, people seize on it because, well, it's at least something of interest. Put it this way: Would you rather read about Drunk Big Ben pictures, or hear more about Jerome Bettis' parents?


Has Roethlisberger addressed the pictures yet? Not that we know of. He wasn't asked about them at today's press conference, mainly because reporters were busy chasing down the "How exciting is it to be here, in Detroit?" story. If he decides to, we suggest he use the Kyle Orton tactic of just saying, "Hey, I'm young, I went to a party, people took pictures. Whaddya gonna do?"


Did "Cold Pizza" host Dana Jacobson really say the phrase "Deadspin is amazing" on ESPN live television this morning? She did. We could make you happy, Dana. We are of pure spirit and stout constitution.

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(Perhaps inevitably, someone's already selling T-shirts about this whole thing.)