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Anthony Davis Did Some Awesome Stuff Last Night

There are so many ways Anthony Davis can humiliate a man. Usually, he does it by extending those stupid-long arms across every inch of airspace over the basketball court, sending away any shot his opponents are foolish enough to send in his direction. But Anthony Davis can also make people look stupid on the offensive end. Just ask Big Baby Davis.

This isn't the most aesthetically pleasing posterization you will ever see, but man is it violent. Big Baby didn't just get bumped into the basket stanchion after accidentally getting in the way of Davis's dunk, he got launched there after throwing his considerable weight into Davis's body and bouncing off of him like a very large pinball.


But Davis did more than just posterize Big Baby. He finished the game with 22 points, 19 rebounds, and seven blocks—that's the eighth time this year he's blocked five or more shots in a game. His most impressive of the night can be seen right at the beginning of this highlight reel:

Guys who are as big as Anthony Davis aren't really supposed to be blocking shots on the perimeter like that, and yet there's Davis, just swatting the ball right out of poor Tobias Harris's hand. Like I said, there are so many ways Anthony Davis can humiliate a man.

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