The state of the Western Conference is such that Minnesota can probably survive with a middling performance sans Towns. That’s not what anyone wants though, and Minnesota is capable of more solely because Edwards isn’t maximizing his potential.


This isn’t D’Angelo Russell’s time to take over, and we know Gobert isn’t capable of getting his own offense. The guy with the best tools to go nuts for a month stretch is Edwards. It would be easy for him to get the same stats in KAT’s absence because everything comes easy when you have the kind of talent Edwards has displayed.

He’s sleepwalking to 23, 6, and 4, but we know the ceiling is infinitely higher.

The biggest knock on Ant coming out of Georgia, and one that Jay Bilas constantly harped on, was his maturity. While I would never get mad at someone for eating too much Popeyes, I’ve never been on an NBA roster. Luka Dončić sucked down sweet tea like it was lifeblood and still put up 28, 9, and 8.


That said, it’s not the only story to make me question Edwards’ headspace. He had to apologize earlier this year for posting a video featuring homophobic language, which primarily tells me he needs to educate himself, but also that he hasn’t grasped how important he is to the Timberwolves organization.

It seems as if the 21-year-old guard saw all the backlash to the Gobert trade and let it affect him, which is understandable. Well, there are no excuses anymore. The problems when KAT and Gobert share the floor are gone, and lanes and opportunities will be there for him if he feels like exploiting them.


When Tyler Herro said he considers Dončić, Morant, and Trae Young his peers, we got a good laugh. If Edwards talked like that, NBA fans would nod in agreement because he possesses all the physical traits necessary to be on the level of those young stars, and we’ve seen him go toe to toe with one. The Memphis-Minnesota series could’ve gone either way in April, and it left NBA supporters in agreement that Ant-Man was one of the game’s next superstars.

Well, my guy, it’s time to put down the extra crispy, get off Instagram, and go to work.