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Conceded: It is extremely rude that, after Saturday’s loss spurred a blog making fun of the Orioles, Sunday’s thrilling comeback win results in ... a blog making fun of the Orioles. But if you can’t abide being rude to the O’s when they do something like this, then we can’t be friends.

The Orioles carried a one-run lead over the Astros into the ninth, where they promptly allowed two singles and then a go-ahead Little League home run by Michael Brantley.


This video raises more questions than it explains. What the hell happened in right field? How did Anthony Santander chase the ball into the corner, out of camera view, and with enough time for the broadcast cut home to watch a runner scoring and then cut back to see the ball rolling out with Santander in hot pursuit? Whatever happened in that corner, it wasn’t good.

Told you it wasn’t good.

Anyway, in the bottom of the ninth Rio Ruiz homered to give the Orioles the dramatic win and keep them just 29 games out of the second wild card.

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