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Any Room At The Inn For Rutgers?

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The new BCS Standings are out, and it's a happy day for those of us who realize that Rutgers is the only huge story left — outside of Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game, that is — that's really worth firing one's self up about. The Scarlet Knights are No. 6 in the new BCS poll, which is actually higher than they are in the human polls. The reason? They're ranked No. 2 by the computers, which, frankly, makes no sense to us, but we're not arguing.

It still looks like we might have the uninspiring matchup of the Ohio State-Michigan loser facing a clearly not-their-best-team USC, though there's still hope. USC has a tough game with California this weekend, and then faces Notre Dame. If they win both those, they're almost certainly in. But: Let's head to the land of the fanciful. If USC loses this weekend, and then beats Notre Dame, and Florida loses in the SEC championship game — certainly possible — and Rutgers wins out (hardly a certainty) ... could we THEN have Rutgers in the title game? Or would they put Arkansas or somebody else in there?


Since the rest of the college football week is pretty much going to be devoted to Michigan, Ohio State and the Dead Schembechlers, we figured we should toss this out there before we forgot.

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