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Any Teams Named Yankees Or Red Sox Must Fight To The Death

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Did you know that any team nicknamed the "Yankees" must, by law, engage in one beanball war and/or bat-swinging brawl each season with another team named the "Red Sox"? Even if that team is comprised of eight-year olds.


Jason Chighizola, a 34-year-old coach of the Slidell (Louisiana) Bantam league "Yankees," was convicted this week of slugging the coach of the "Red Sox" after refusing to shake his hand during the post-game lineup. The Red Sox had just beaten the Yankees in the final game of the season to claim first place, so Chighizola was understandably upset. So upset that after being pulled off of the other coach, he ran to the dugout to get a bat and started swinging that like a mad man. (The game took place last year, but the trial was held Thursday.)

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Naturally this particular rivalry extended back well before the game. The Red Sox coach with the bloodied face, Robert Johnson, may have taunted Chighizola a bit, since Johnson has lost his coveted spot as coach of the league all-star team to Chighizola earlier that year. Both men had been fighting for control of the league's board of directors, because the hand that controls the Slidell Bantam Baseball Association board is the hand that rules the world. The kids, of course, just want ice cream after the game and could not care less.

So now both men are banned from all league events and can't even watch their own kids play baseball, which is fine because people this ridiculous should not actually be parents.

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