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We'd like to officially offer our congratulations to Jamie Mottram and the crew at AOL Sports — yes, yes, AOL Sports is a real thing, we didn't make that up — for launching their big NFL blog project today, The Fanhouse. As far as strategies for big companies trying out sports blogs go, we like the AOL Sports idea — find top bloggers already doing their thing on the Internets and toss 'em some cash to brand up AOL style — more than the ESPN plan of, uh, "We're, like, a social networking site now. You know, like MySpace. Totally!"


It's a solid crew, too, with some familiar names for regular readers out there, including Michael David Smith of FootballOutsiders, Eric McErlain of Off Wing Opinion and, of all people, The Mighty MJD, purveyor of some fine Deadspin weekend cheese and danish. Heck, they even have a Buzzsaw blogger.

As much as we are terrified by the concept of most corporate blogging — "Key to the Seahawks' win was the running game. And, speaking of running, did you know you could run your AOL software on both Macs and PCs?" — it seems like a reasonably thorough and well-considered enterprise, though the collage of voices could potentially cause us a little whiplash. To thin the herd a bit, we suggest a couple bloggers sneak in a "AOL is a failure of a company," you know, just for fun.

Anyway, we wish them good luck. We'll all be reading.

The Fanhouse [AOL Sports]