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Yes, there is no higher merriment in college football than making fun of Notre Dame. But let's not overlook the joys of taunting the other side of the BCS championship matchup. If only there had been a giant sphygmomanometer hooked up to the deep Confederacy last night, to record the mass blood-pressure spike when the Associated Press moved this piece of analysis over the wire:

On one side, a blossoming dynasty from the college football capital of the Deep South. On the other, the sport's most famous team, trying to reclaim its place among the elite.


Aww! Li'l Alabama has finally made it to the big time! It's "blossoming." Somebody just spotted the Crimson Tide at Gayfers, in the Junior Intimates section, buying a training brassiere. Don't worry, Alabama, you might almost catch up to the real famous programs someday. Remember, Notre Dame won its first national title all the way back in 1924. You didn't break through till you won the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day of 1926. Patience, Alabama!

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