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Apologies All Around For The Memphis Tigers

In a tournament in which all No. 1 seeds, you have to look for your upstart stories where you can find them, so perhaps the Memphis Tigers will be the best we can do.

We are of course as guilty as anyone of underrated Memphis; we'll say that "Does Anybody Buy What Memphis Is Selling Anymore?" headline is one we'd like to have back. Not even North Carolina looked as impressive as Memphis did after their scare against Mississippi State, and Tigers boosters are deservedly crowing about it. In the Michigan State game, the Spartans, a veteran, talented team, seemed legitimately terrified just to walk the ball up the court. We doubt UCLA will look so nervous, but we won't underestimate those guys again.


And if John Calipari wins the national title, heck, maybe he'll try the NBA again. That worked out well.

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