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Apparently, College Athletes Study

As we slowly stumble toward the end of the year, we have hit that dead spot during the week in which there are no NFL games, no bowl games yet and a bunch of NBA games in which most of the players are hungover. (We're in the midst of holiday party season ourselves, so we know how they feel.) But the worst is mucking through the week in college basketball, the dreaded Finals Week.

Curses, we say, to Final Week, these students with their "studying" and their "Web-downloaded term papers." They're making for a lousy, painfully slow week of sports, just enough to catch our breath before matters starting getting NFL playoff insane in the next few weeks. And the Knicks don't play until tomorrow! We suppose it's just a night of nog for us.


Welcome To The Worst Week On The College Basketball Calendar [Storming The Floor]

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