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If you weren't satisfied with Bill Simmons' iTunes mix — remember, by the way, tonight's Mr. Simmons' curious appearance on "The Colbert Report," so set Tivos to "stun" — our friendly overlords at Gawker Media are here to help.

Today, they gleefully — everything there is done with glee, we're told — have launched Idolator, which is about "music" in the same way that we are about "sports," except they'll do it in a much more intelligent, openhearted way (though we do have a distinct advantage in jokes about prostate cancer). They've got a big manifesto that sums it up splendidly.

The editors come with legit bonafides too: Editor Brian Raftery has been all over the pages of Blender and Spin, and associate editor Maura Johnston is a bit of a blogging legend — as much as such creatures exist — and even did a tour of duty at, for which, jeez, she deserves a freaking medal. We welcome them and — dork alert — happily add them to the old RSS.


We eagerly await their expose on our hometown favorites of REO Speedwagon; the boys from Champaign are comin' back, dawg, you watch.