Apparently, Stephen A. Smith Is Black

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We usually try here to avoid the rantings of fundamentalist Christian stick-in-mud New York Post media columnist Phil Mushnick. He seems to be living in a world that's different than ours, one where all television executives are apparently closet kiddie porn enthusiasts. But we couldn't help but notice his newest column, in which he hammers ESPN "personality" Stephen A. Smith so relentlessly that it kind of weirded us out, and we kinda can't stand the guy either. (And we actually watched "Quite Frankly" three times last week. We're still a little shaky.) Mushnick oversteps, though, considerably:

Could it be that Smith's urban street-hip brotha yak which he seems able to turn on and off with the drop of a Kangol is supposed to appeal/pander to young, urban, street-talkin' sports fans?

This is an observation that we do not understand. Had Mushnick said, "Smith is just yelling about matters he does not understand" or "Smith makes me poop myself," we'd have agreed, a little too much. But Smith, despite being (gasp!) black, doesn't seem to be talking "black" that much to us, unless "black" is a synonym for "please-make-it-stop-so-loud-so-loud-so-loud." We're not the only ones who noticed this either. Can't Stop The Bleeding writes, "The Mushminded One would have you believe that that Smith s spiel requires a Jive Translator a la "Airplane." Which isn t just an exaggeration, it s a full-fledged slur."

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