Applebee's Is Taking Over Your Life

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As MJD noted yesterday, one of the worst parts of the NCAA tournament is the endless cycle of the same commercials being played. Whether it was the State Farm guy, or Julia Louis-Dreyfuss or that jerk guy who's so damned smug about his cellphone, every sports fan had an ad or two that made you want to shoot yourself in the stomach to cause fantasies about being a business traveler who has lost his ID.

But no ad drove people more insane than that Applebee's ad, with the two dopes sitting in the water playing guitar to "Gilligan's Island," or, as they are apparently known now, "The Applebee's Guys." These commercials made us — and pretty much everyone we know — want to murder everyone in sight.


And guess what? They're making more. Yep, this is part of a big campaign, which means these guys are not going away or, say, drowned. In fact, one of the actors in the commercial has family who are Deadspin readers. And they wrote in.

Thanks for the shout out!!! (kinda) My bro is the "star" of that commercial, (not the one with the jew-fro, the one rocking the upright bass)'ve made our mother weep with joy....her little angel got a front page mention (sorta) on DEADSPIN. Now we can all die happy! forewarned is forearmed....there are MORE coming!!!!


While we encourage the siblings of commercial actors appearing prevalently on sports broadcasts to read our site, we nevertheless feel uncomfortable with the notion that the matriarch of the family that produced one-half of this commercial would weep with joy over being mentioned on this site. We try to donate more good to this world than evil, and this is one of those times we fear the pendulum swings in the wrong direction.

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