A small political site called Badger Blogger reported late Sunday that Ned Yost is likely to be fired by the Brewers this afternoon. Badger Blogger says it's unconfirmed, but they have it from a source "close to the team." A blog called Badger Blogger has sources? Cool. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel doesn't think so, however.

JS beat writer Tom Haudricourt followed up on Badger Blogger's claim and found no one with the Brewers who knew anything about a firing. Haudricourt:

I just got off a flight from Boston and contacted a very reliable club source who told me he knows nothing about any plans to dismiss manager Ned Yost, as posted late last evening by "Badger Blogger," whatever that is.

To which a commenter on Badger Blogger replied:

Quote of the day — “…’Badger Blogger,’ whatever that is.” Pray tell in a few years, we can say “Journal-Sentinel, whatever that was.”

And Buzz Bissinger just turned a rich, vibrant shade of purple.

Badger Blogger: Hero, or goat? Whatever happens, it can't be worse than this, can it?


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