An alert reader sent us this YouTube video, apparently taken at Angel Stadium during Game 1, and featuring a brawl between Red Sox and Angels fans. Could this be the incident involving the aggrieved lady Red Sox fans?

You don't get more than a quick glance at the girls, but there appears to be one blonde (who definitely looks like the Christina Rivas pictured in the Boston Herald), one brunette and one very angry boyfriend. He goes toe-to-toe with an Angels fan before security finally arrives to escort them all away. You don't see the moments before the fight started, but we're going to assume that there was heckling involved and it probably involved fat derrieres. So everyone loses.

And as a final side note: Is the stadium usher wearing a Panama hat? What lawless thug is going to respect that?

Angels Fight - Angels vs. Red Sox, Game 1 ALDS 2009 [YouTube]