What kind of a world do we live in where two attractive young women can't go to a baseball game without getting heckled by opposing fans? Sure, one of their ugly boyfriends was tasered....but what about their feelings?

The Boston Herald has the harrowing tale of two female Red Sox fans—who are also sisters (wink, wink!)—who took a terrifying journey to Angel Stadium, where they were set upon by a swarthy mob of L.A. fans who hurled "sexually explicit" insults at them, like "Hey, sit your fat (derriere) down!" And she's not even a plus-size model!

The night took a more upsetting turn for the ladies when one of their boyfriends lunged at one of the boorish "hooligans" (who is probably an illegal immigrant, btw) and security took him down with a taser. Fortunately, the completely irrelevant suitor was "hit with a weapon that only delivers a fraction of the shock of a full stun-gun blast," which made the incident slightly less traumatic for the girls, Christina Rivas, 24, and her sister, Kerrianne, 20.

Not that they will ever feel safe enough to attend a baseball game again. What if the boyfriend challenges another cop to a fight? Why must their adorable shoulders bear the weight of all mankind?

Hellish game for Sox sisters [Boston Herald]

UPDATE: Now with (possible) video of the fight!