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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

"Are We Live? Oh Shit." Liam Neeson Appears On SportsCenter And Has Absolutely No Idea What He's Being Asked

Liam Neeson dragged himself onto SportsCenter yesterday to pimp Taken 2 and wow. Has there ever been a guest on SportsCenter who was so unprepared to be a guest on SportsCenter? Neeson didn't like where it was headed from the get-go—he was being asked about the Jets—and wanted to start over. But whoops, it's live, and there comes—whoopsies—a swear word tumbling out.

So, what does ESPN do when its Irish-born actor guest doesn't know anything about the Jets? Ask him about Tim Tebow. "You're speaking ancient Arabic to me," he said. We wish we could say the same, Liam.

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