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Are You A Bay Area Pro Athlete? San Francisco Might Owe You A Parking Ticket Refund

Today, at 3:43 EST, Deadspin received one of the better tips we’ve seen in a while. Reader Zain was checking to see if the City of San Francisco owed him any money from parking tickets that he overpaid. Unfortunately for him, they did not. But fortunately for us and Tim Lincecum, Zain discovered that the city owes the Giants pitcher $20.


The SF Municipal Transport Agency’s database catalogs the $6.1 million owed in unclaimed citation refunds from January 1995 to June 2012, and we scoured it for other current and former Bay Area athletes who can go get their money. The imperative to do so is obvious and needs no explanation. I’ve redacted license plate numbers in MS Paint.

Of the players we searched for, Vernon Davis is owed the largest sum. Vernon my man, there’s almost $400 with your name on it!

Klay Thompson, step right up!


This is not the pitcher, sadly.


Even legends, it turns out, overpay their tickets sometimes.


Maybe Barry Zito will donate some of his $62 recompensation to the David Lynch Foundation.


So there you have it. They’ll have to fill out forms by March 1 to get the dough, so hurry up pals.

h/t Zain; Screenshots via SFMTA

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