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Area Couple Offended By "Loud, Sexualized, Pagan" Olympics

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There is nothing in the world like the letters to the editor section of a small newspaper. Remember the Ohio man who wanted the "bisexual" buckeye removed as the state tree? By definition, the people who write these things have too much time on their hands and a capacity for outrage that only kicks in at age 60. So we highlight a wonderful letter in this week's Duluth Budgeteer News as a public service: support your local newspaper, so things like this can continue to exist.

Dennis P. and Rosemarie Mitchell, what did you think about the opening ceremony of the London Olympics?

The entertainment of this latest Olympics was dark, loud, sexualized with scanty clothes and revealing cleavage on women, and with disturbing pagan noise. Connecting children, beds plus frightening villains made one think of pedophiles.


Uh-huh. And the closing ceremony?

The black and red colors of sex and violence dominated most of the closing. The nuns were obviously there to mock Christianity while one could only think of Satan being glorified.


Past Olympics had spectacular bright, cheerful and family-style entertainment but the English seem to have put teens who worship Satan in charge. It was disgraceful and we suffered through them hoping for some improvement.


Lest you think Dennis and Rosemarie are simply buying in to the vast Olympic Illuminati conspiracy, they found plenty of other things to hate:

Some of the clothes the competitors wore also reflect the sexualized entertainment.

The male swimmers look unprofessional with their hip-huggers trunks stopping just above their pubic region, as also the women's track and volleyball with their underwear-bikinis.

All are offensive and degrading. These styles are also now worn in our schools and colleges, which no one seems to have objected to.

The girls' gymnastics also are sexualized in their swimsuits and are too tight around the buttocks plus partially expose their butts.


Rosemarie, if you caught Dennis touching himself to a 16-year-old Romanian, just say so.

After admitting that they declined to watch any of the actual sports, our crusading Duluthians turn an eye to 2016, sounding the alarm for Rio's "dark juvenile entertainment and women parading around sexually, displaying cleavage and little talent." But surely, there must have been one moment in these two weeks of Olympic glory worth savoring, one personal triumph or feat of human endurance?

The comical entrance of the queen was one of the few bright spots.

Heh. That was pretty funny.

Letter to the editor: Olympics showed too much flesh [Duluth Budgeteer News]
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