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Area Man Intervenes In Scooter-Based Road Rage Incident Involving Pirates Player, Still Has No Idea Who The Pirates Are

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Pirates catcher Chris Snyder became embroiled in a road rage altercation on Wednesday while driving with his wife and two children. His wife nearly collided with Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia, a particularly short-fused fellow on a scooter. Modhwadia chased the Snyders to a gas station on his scooter.

Snyder—on the DL after a recent back surgery—could not defend his wife as Modhwadia approached the vehicle, ripped a mirror off, and stood there, punching the truck, menacing as you'd imagine any 44-year-old, scooter-riding man named Subhash to be.

That's when this local dude stepped in:

Joe Changle, 22, who lives in the Glendale neighborhood, was grabbing a soda at the BP convenience store Wednesday afternoon when he looked over to see an angry confrontation brewing at the Banksville Road gas station. A man appeared to be threatening a couple and their young children following a road rage incident.

"I saw all that's going on and the commotion with them, and I'm looking at him and thinking, ‘What's going on?'" Changle said. "She's screaming for help and shouting ‘My husband just had back surgery and we need help.'"

That's when Changle, a volunteer firefighter at Glendale and 2006 graduate of Chartiers Valley, decided it was time to intervene as others just watched. He confronted the man, Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia, and told him to back away. Changle said the man started swinging at him when he tried to push him away from Carla Snyder.

"I said, ‘Dude, chill out. I don't want to have to put you down.'"

Changle said that's when he took Modhwadia to the ground and tried to pin him down. Modhwadia then started biting him on the arm, so Changle said he pulled his hair back until he released. An off-duty police officer came to the scene and tried helping subdue Modhwadia, who continued swinging at them and threw his shoe.


Boom, sir. Sit down. You don't fuck with the Pirates, because their fans, er—

"I had no clue who he was. I didn't know anything about him," Changle said. "I'm a big Pittsburgh sports fan, but not a Pirates fan."

...people who live in Pittsburgh and like sports but have no feelings, ill or otherwise, toward the Pirates, will step in.

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