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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We’re beginning to learn that Donald Trump quotes about the impending ruination of America are great fodder for chopping up and serving back to us in the form of troll bait. A Mexican TV station started the trend last year, and now Argentina’s TyC Sports has followed suit.

Using a speech of his about the “total killers” from South America that are coming into the country by the scores, the station has transmogrified it into a lament about how the Argentine national soccer team is going to dust ours and probably everyone else’s asses in the Copa América we’re hosting this summer.


“We need to build a wall. And it has to be built quickly,” Trump says, worried that unless we get something up by early June, the Argentines will run roughshod in this country during the tournament. And the Argentines don’t even blame him. As the final title card reads: “In truth the best they can do is to not let us in.” Goddammit. They’re right.


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