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Argentine Woman Says She Was Brutally Beaten For Wearing Soccer Jersey

Above is a picture of Lorena Sabio and her daughter, wearing a River Plate shirt ahead of the club's match against archrivals Boca Juniors last Thursday. Sometime later that evening, she was in the hospital undergoing a total of 14 operations to deal with the savage beating she claims she endured at the hands of a Boca fan who didn't like her jersey.

Here are some of the pictures Sabio posted on her Facebook page documenting the damage (warning: they are graphic):


In addition to her pictures, Sabio posted a couple messages giving some backstory to her attack. Apparently, her assailant (whom she names as Miguel Anguel Zienzonok) spotted Sabio as she was returning to her home with her daughter. Probably in some part upset that Boca lost, Zienzonok allegedly hit her in the head. From her Facebook message:

"I was lying on the ground barely conscious, and he told me to stay there and warned me that if I went to the police, I would pay the price," she wrote on Facebook.

"He has threatened me and his family have told me to stop the campaign [to have Zienzonok arrested], but what more can they do to me?

"They have already ruined my face, I have difficulty even managing to eat, and will need dozens of operations that I can't afford to return my health.

"My daughter has nightmares. The man is crazy, and unless somebody stand up to him he will probably carry on doing it and next time probably kill someone."


In another Facebook message, Sabio says the attack left her with a split septum and palate, a busted lip, a broken nose, and other facial contusions, all of which required 14 surgeries to fix. Some of her facial scars are reportedly permanent.

Argentine soccer fans are insane.



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