We already knew the Olympic athletes’ village in Rio was a mess, but now we’ve jumped from stories about uninhabitable rooms and failed safety inspections and into allegations of sabotage.

Diego Gusman, an Argentinian Olympics official in Rio, told La Nacion that he believes the rooms his athletes are staying in have been sabotaged. According to La Nacion, it is the state of the plumbing that has arched Gusman’s brow (via Google Translate):

“There were water leaks in the walls, ceiling were things done on the run and with poor quality materials, but we also believe that there was some sabotage because how do you explain if that would cement blocks within the plumbing? it’s a mess and failures are repeated throughout the Villa.”


La Nacion also reports that Gusman has reserved some housing outside of the village for his athletes to stay in, should their current accommodations not be fixed up in time for the games.

Photo via AP

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