Arizona Coyotes draft racist dickhead

Coyotes CEO Xavier Gutierrez, a member of the NHL’s Executive Inclusion Counsel, has already issued a statement defending the team’s recent draft pick.
Coyotes CEO Xavier Gutierrez, a member of the NHL’s Executive Inclusion Counsel, has already issued a statement defending the team’s recent draft pick.
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The Arizona Coyotes aren’t good at anything. Their on-ice product has sucked for a decade. They bilked Glendale into paying for their arena, but forgot that no one wants to drive to Glendale to see their shit-ass product.


Not only are the Coyotes bad, they’re expensively built to be bad. They were run by a total fraud of a GM who bilked a better ownership group out of buying the team in favor of one more favorable to him. And then he quit, anyway, less than a year later.

The real coup-de-genius here is that the Coyotes were stripped of draft picks this year because that fraud of a GM illegally worked out players. And then the Coyotes used one of their scarce and precious picks to draft total piece of shit Mitchell Miller Here’s one super example:

“Four years ago, Miller admitted in an Ohio juvenile court to bullying Meyer-Crothers, who was tricked into licking a candy push pop that Miller and another boy had wiped in a bathroom urinal. Meyer-Crothers had to be tested for hepatitis, HIV and STDs, but the tests came back negative, according to a police report.”

All the stories of what Mitchell Miller did in Ohio, where he grew up, are simply horrifying — but the headline is that he spent a good portion of his time bullying a black and developmentally challenged child. While we allow for some leeway in what kids and teenagers do because they are kids and teenagers, some of the acts here go beyond bullying and into straight assault. Is this really a kid who can learn to do better?

The optics for the Coyotes are somehow even more of a disappointment than usual, for an organization that never fails to disappoint. Either they didn’t do their homework on this dope, or they did, and didn’t care. The statement they put out over the weekend, when these barbaric tales got out, suggests the latter. It’s yet another brilliant look for the NHL, a league that has made falling into a sewer-hole company policy.

Here’s Coyotes CEO Xavier Gutierrez, who was just selected for the NHL’s Executive Inclusion Council. You may remember that group from such episodes as not coming to terms with the Hockey Diversity Alliance, the organization set up by black NHL players demanding actual promises to change

“Given our priorities on diversity and inclusion, we believe that we are in the best position to guide Mitchell into becoming a leader for this cause and preventing bullying and racism now and in the future. As an organization, we have made our expectations very clear to him. We are willing to work with Mitchell and put in the time, effort, and energy and provide him with the necessary resources and platform to confront bullying and racism. This isn’t a story about excuses or justifications. It’s a story about reflection, growth, and community impact. A true leader finds ways for every person to contribute to the solution. We all need to be a part of the solution.”


What Gutierrez doesn’t say is that in their “research” on Mitchell, they never bothered to contact the family of Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, the boy Mitchell terrorized. That would have seemed an elementary move, but also might have illustrated why the Coyotes shouldn’t have been anywhere near this hellion.

Perhaps the Coyotes are counting on the fact that no one pays much attention to their future prospects. So even when they try to hold Mitchell up as a redemption story in a year or two for managing to not hurl slurs in public, no one will actually care. Sadly, it’s a pretty safe bet.


Mitchell sent a letter to every NHL team before the draft expressing contrition for what he’d done, but it’s pretty easy to dismiss that move as an invention of his agent.

The real lesson would have been letting this kid drift off into the wilderness to be with his wolf-relatives, instead of rewarding him with a fourth-round pick. He would be a true example to budding racist fuckheads everywhere if they saw all the dreams and fortunes it cost him. Now, kids will see that you can be like this, and as long as you’re good at sports, you’ll still cash out in the end. 

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