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Arizona State Quarterback Allegedly Doesn't Like Being Mocked For His Pink Shirt

Apparently, at an Arizona State basketball game the other night, everyone was supposed to wear gold, or something. Sun Devils quarterback Rudy Carpenter, for whatever reasons, decided to wear a pink shirt. Interesting choice, but hey: To each his own. But, according to several witnesses popping up all over the place online, what happened next was the real problem.

Apparently, Carpenter, according to the online witnesses (that's the only place people are speaking up), took a bit of an issue with someone mocking his shirt and lost his mind.

Rudy was sitting outside the stadium after the game and one of the students asked him why he wasn't wearing gold. He then started yelling back at him "oh yeah what sport do you play? what sport do you play?" and ended up running down the ramp and chasing after the kid trying to start a fight with him. Rudy continued to challenge him to a fight and repeatedly called him a homosexual.


Again, just some random Internet people, but there are a lot of them, and the stories are popping up all over the place. We are wondering if he really kept calling the guy a "homosexual;" that's a lot of syllables to pronounce when you're really pissed off like that.

ASU QB Shouts Gay Slurs While Wearing Hot Pink Shirt [Bland Life]

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