Arizona State Sorority Girls Show Off Elite Selfie Skills At D-Backs Game

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Alpha Chi Omega sisters from Arizona State University went to Wednesday night’s Diamondbacks game. Were selfies taken? Oh, you better believe selfies were taken. Hell, there were even a few chelfies (churro selfies).

Taking a selfie is a totally normal thing to do, and yet it’s still so funny to watch someone else do it:


The best part of this video is at 0:33, when the camera zooms out to eight of the girls, with the one on the bottom right enjoying her ice cream and taking in the sights at Chase Field:

Three seconds later, she’s got her phone out.


The sisters posed for a group photo afterward, because how else would everyone know that they went to a baseball game?


Honestly, it’s quite a feat that they managed to have fun at a Diamondbacks game.

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