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Arizona's Zack Godley Wiggles Ass, Balks Home A Run

The first sign that the Diamondbacks were in for a long night against the Cubs came even before the first inning started, when a healthy population of Chicago fans filled the seats of Chase Field. The second sign came in the top of the third, when a seemingly harmless rump shake from pitcher Zack Godley got the umpire to call a balk, and bring a Cubs player on third base home.

Godley’s decision to work, work, work, work, bounce was not the only mistake he made on Saturday night. He went 2.2 innings, allowing five runs on four hits, four walks and three strikeouts in that time. Only 38 of his 69 pitches were strikes. If there’s anything he can hang his hat on, it’s the fact that the final score of 9-1 was not entirely his fault.


Still, the real disappointment for the pitcher was that he was punished for showing off his Godley cheeks. It’s such a shame that MLB’s “let the kids play” tagline doesn’t apply to players who want to shake their jelly on television for the viewers at home.

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