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The Arkansas Travelers are the Angels AA affiliate, and introduced a pair of new mascots today on Little Rock's KARK. One of the mascots is normal. The other is a horrible redneck possum beast.

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It's bad enough redneck possum beast got airtime at 6:42 in the morning, but they also let "Otey" try his hand at the weather forecast. We only hope the children of Little Rock weren't awake for this, because nobody deserves to be traumatized like that. SB Nation tracked down some Facebook reactions to Otey, including:

This is horrible! What were you thinking?! Seriously. Terrible mascots. The opossum has got to go ASAP!!

Epic failure for the person in charge of this project. Seriously - a opossum? Ace is ok but please don't make the Travs the joke of MiLB.

Does the possum have to be straight out of Deliverance? Terrible logos, terrible mascots. This is just enough to make me want to disassociate myself from the Travelers for sake of embarrassment.

[P]oorest focus group testing since Coke introduced "New Coke"

Too close to April Fools for the possum to not be a joke. Please...let it be a joke.

For the Travelers to perpetuate the hillbilly, backwoods image of the State of Arkansas and this community is an embarrassment to the state, the community, and to the team.

Absolutely Ridiculous! Otey will only scare children and be a laughing stock.


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