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Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A Question For His Golf Partner: "When Was Your Last Blow Job?"

Via Wei Under Par comes this amusing tale of golfing with the California governor, who apparently behaves as coarsely on the links as he does, well, everywhere else.

Mark, a former collegiate golfer, tells the site:

My friend played in a Pro-Am with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. They introduce themselves and walk up to the first tee. Arnold has this huge cigar in his mouth as he puts the tee in the ground and asks my friend, "When was your last blow job?"

My friend chuckles a little bit and says, "A couple nights ago, I guess." Arnold doesn't say anything, pulls back the club and mid backswing (in his "Terminator" voice) asks, "How did it taste?" and swings through and shanks the ball 50 yards dead right out of bounds.


Between the groping and the gang-banging, I think it's pretty well-established that Arnie's not the most sexually enlightened fellow around. Casual fag-baiting aside, you know what's really offensive here? That the guy who's approached his governorship as if it were day camp with humidors apparently can't hit a golf ball square.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Golf Course Chats: "When Was Your Last Blow Job?" [Wei Under Par]

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