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A Kenyan soccer fan hung himself—in his Arsenal jersey—after his favorite team got thumped by Manchester United in the Champions League yesterday. That is not dealing well with defeat.


Apparently, Kenyans take English soccer very seriously. Twenty-nine-year-old Suleiman Omondi was found hanging in his home in Nairobi, just hours after watching Arsenal's 3-1 defeat in the Champions League semis. Gunners manager Arsene Wenger called it one of the most disappointing nights of his career, but I guess Omondi took it a little more personally than that. Or he placed his bet with the wrong bookie.

He took some drinks and broke down in tears within the final minutes of the match," a fellow bar patron, who asked not to be named, told Reuters....

Bar attendants said they had to intervene after Omondi lunged at a man who suggested Arsenal would not recover from conceding two early goals. They also lost the first leg 1-0.


So from one sports fan to many others I say ... um ... don't do that.

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