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Art Briles Drops Lawsuit Against Baylor Because He "Wants Some Peace In His Life"

Photo: Nam Huh/AP
Photo: Nam Huh/AP

Two months ago, former Baylor head coach Art Briles sued Baylor for libel and conspiracy, claiming that school officials lied when they claimed that Briles knew about a suite of rape and sexual assault complaints against football players. Briles also insisted that Baylor officials have actively worked to keep him from getting another job.

Briles’s attorney Ernest Cannon announced today that Briles would be dropping the lawsuit because his client was getting overworked by the prospect of voluntarily suing a former employer. As Cannon tells it, the real victim here is Art Briles because he’s too tired:

“I’m sorry we didn’t get this resolved for all the Baylor people, so they could know the truth,” Briles’ attorney, Ernest Cannon of Stephenville, said Wednesday.

“A man can only carry so much.”

“They overloaded him in an endless supply of money, lawyers, resources, and no restraints on anything they’ll do to achieve their goals,” Cannon said.

“Art wants some peace in his life for him and his family, and to put as much distance between him and his family and Baylor as he can, and I wholeheartedly agree with him.”


I’m sure a new lawsuit alleging that the Baylor football staff brought in women to have sex with recruits and also that Baylor players had committed 52 rapes under Briles had nothing to do with Briles dropping his lawsuit.

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