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On Monday, Browns reporter Tony Grossi told us that the NFL had asked every team in the league to have a moment of silence for Art Modell, one of the main antagonists in the long drama of Cleveland's histrionic sports decrepitude. It probably would have been an awkward moment of silence in Cleveland. It seems likely, if not certain, that it wouldn't have been silent at all, actually—there probably would have been a whole lot of booing, or worse for the surviving family, cheering of Modell's death, which has proven to be a popular pastime since he shoved off on Thursday.


As it turns out, Browns fans won't even get that outlet to express their pain: Grossi now reports the Modell family has asked the Browns not to acknowledge Modell's passing at all. The team had apparently planned a "low-key PA read," which doesn't sound exactly like a moment of silence, and may have offered less opportunity for booing. Nevertheless, the name Modell shall not be spake at Browns stadium, because David Modell asked Mike Holmgren and Holmgren made it so.

The Ravens have already paid their respects—that event seems to have gone off without a hitch, even though not every Baltimorean likes Modell—so now all that's left will be the strange spectacle of franchises that had essentially nothing to do with Modell honoring his memory (on NFL orders) this Sunday. What are Cardinals fans going to be thinking about during their mandatory minute of silence for Art Modell?

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