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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Arvydas Sabonis Plays Basketball, Is Huge

Last year, the Blazers' and international legend suffered a heart attack while playing basketball. He was supposed to take it easy after that. "The doctors told me, 'You can't smoke, you can't drink, you can't play basketball.' So of the things I like, only sex is left."

Nobody stops Arvydas Sabonis from playing basketball. Sabonis, now 47 and looking like he's on the wrong side of 350 pounds, suited up last week for a legends game between his hometown club ┼Żalgiris Kaunas and CSKA Moscow. From the highlights (here's another package set to Sara Bareilles) he still seems to be dominant, at least in a game between a bunch of 40-, 50-, and 60-year-old Balto-Slavs. He's still big and can still dunk with a minimum of jumping, which is good because he looks like he really hates jumping.

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