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As Bad News Goes, Steph Curry's Injury Update Is Good News

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The alternate headline for this blog is “As Good News Goes, Steph Curry’s Injury Update Is Bad News”—you can choose for yourself whether to be a glass-is-half-full sort on this. At any rate, the update on Steph’s busted knee is in:


This all but seals up what had by now become a foregone conclusion: The Houston Rockets will be the top seed in the Western Conference playoffs, although the Toronto Raptors, at 4.5 games back, are probably still juust close enough in pursuit of the league’s best overall record, and home court advantage throughout the playoffs, to keep the Rockets from relaxing too much down the stretch.

It’s also worth mentioning that “re-evaluated” can mean a lot of things. You will recall, here, that Markelle Fultz was trapped in a strange reevaluation vortex for most of the regular season, although his injury was of course far stranger. The Warriors, sans Steph, are almost certainly good enough to survive an opening round series, but if Steph’s return date gets pushed back another three weeks, their chances of finishing this season with a return to the Finals will be pretty slim.

Reinforcements are on the way for the battered Warriors: Draymond Green is expected to play Sunday, and it sounds like Kevin Durant should return next week. They’ve got a 10-game lead on the Trail Blazers for the West’s 2nd seed*. They’re in position to survive this, assuming the next bad news update contains the same measure of good news.

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