As usual, Tom Brady becomes Tom Baby after he plays like crap

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Tom Brady walked off the field last night without shaking hands because he lost. Waa.
Tom Brady walked off the field last night without shaking hands because he lost. Waa.
Image: (AP)

Tom Brady is a sore loser.

Strike that. Make it, simply a loser.

His poor sport reaction on Monday night wasn’t an isolated incident, one you could excuse or understand. Sadly, it has become the norm.

After turning in yet another not-ready-for-prime-time performance in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 27-24 home loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Brady walked off the field without shaking the hand of the quarterback that beat him.

Yep, Brady, the ancient 43-year-old Bucs’ QB, raced off the field like he was trying to get to an early-bird special at the Howard Johnson’s.


Brady was in the locker room and left Rams QB Jared Goff hanging. The Monday Night Football cameras caught the snub live and in color.

It was uncalled for, childish.

It would be like losing the U.S. Presidential election and still not conceding to your opponent three weeks after the people spoke loudly at the polls.


Where’s that MAGA hat once spotted in Brady’s locker when you need it?

Let’s face it. For all the buildup of Brady being a great teammate and good person, he just isn’t when it comes to sportsmanship.


For sure, it’s not a good look.

Brady has done this over and over again. This is who Brady is.

In Week 5, after a national TV loss to the Chicago Bears, Brady bolted to the visitor’s locker room at Soldier Field to avoid shaking the hand of Nick Foles.


Infamously, it was the second time Brady blew off Foles. After Foles turned in a masterful performance to beat Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Brady was nowhere to be found after the game.

Foles was named Super Bowl MVP and Brady was dubbed the Biggest Loser.

It’s not that Brady never shakes hands. When he wins, Brady is front and center, shaking hands and kissing babies like he’s running for office.


In his last Super Bowl win — a 13-3 victory over the Rams in 2019 — Brady stuck around to shake Goff’s hand then. That should have been the game Brady disappeared at the end. He hardly played great in that game with NO TDs, a pick, and a fumble in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever. Receiver Julian Edelman won the MVP without even registering a touchdown in the game.

Yes, for the most part, Brady was lousy in that Super Bowl and has been even more lousy in big games this season.


The numbers aren’t just ugly. They are fugly.

Brady was 0-for-7 and had two terrible interceptions on Monday night when throwing the deep ball. It ain’t working for Brady. Only Carson Wentz and Foles have more INTs on deep balls this season.


Brady now has a deep passer rating of 9.3 (NOT A TYPO) in the Bucs’ four losses this season. All of those losses have come against teams with Top 10 defenses. And in those games, Brady has five TDs and seven picks with a completion percentage of just 58.9.

In this loss, Brady completed 26 of 48 passes for 216 yards, paltry when you consider all the weapons he has — including Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown. Through the first 11 games, Brady has 25 TDs and nine interceptions. Last season, Brady had just eight picks all season.


So many thought Brady would have a field day down in Tampa with all the sunshine and offensive weapons to play with. And while he has feasted on bad teams, he has struggled against those the Bucs need to beat to be real contenders.

That’s why Brady was M.I.A. at the end of the game. He’s embarrassed, mad.

For sure, Brady’s minions will try to fool you with spin today. Don’t fall for it.


Brady’s behavior has nothing to do with COVID-19 protocol. Sure, the NFL doesn’t want players lingering on the field longer than usual with the virus surging all over the country.

This is simply about Brady being a big spoiled baby when he loses. It’s ridiculous when you think about it. He has won so much more than others in his 20-year career. Other quarterbacks have had to give him his due six times at the end of his record-setting nine Super Bowl appearances.


Instead of taking the high road on Monday night, Brady chose the one for losers. Sadly, a familiar path.