This is Ashley Todd. Ashley recently made some news when she was was mugged near at ATM by "a dark-skinned black man" who, after finding out she supported John McCain, carved a "B" on her face for some kind of pro-Obama viral ad campaign. However, the cops got kind of suspicious when they saw the B was on backwards, did some investigating, and found out she was making the whole thing up as some kind of race-baiting swift boat attack. That, or she was just nuts. In any case, this is her being led away by cops while wearing a Tennessee Volunteers sweatshirt. For those in need of last-minute Halloween costume ideas: You have your instructions. Just make sure the "B" is on your face the right way, by which I mean, the wrong way. (Disclaimer: The title of this post is in no way intended to diminish the importance or uniqueness of the Cooper/Monday fiasco. Library masturbation is far more hilarious, and satisfying, than racism-based hoaxes.) Ashley Todd + Tennessee Vols = LOSERS [Bumpshack]