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Ask Bill "Spaceman" Lee About Anything, Especially If It Involves Baseball And Drug Use

On Saturday, we phoned former MLB pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee at his home in the Bay Area and asked him to participate in a live chat with Deadspin readers. It was just two days after the Spaceman, at age 65, had pitched a complete game for the independent San Rafael Pacifics. The Spaceman immediately agreed to participate, but one thing was clear right away: While he frequently makes television and radio appearances in Montreal and Boston, the idea of an online chat was clearly foreign to him. "That's gonna involve typing, huh?" he said at one point.


It took a few more phone conversations, but with the help of his wife, Diana, we managed to work out the logistics. And now the Spaceman is here, ready to hear from you in the discussion down below. You may fire when ready.

Update (4:13 p.m.): Chat's over. "I gotta go swimming," the Spaceman said. "You got a lot of stoners that read your site." We thank the Spaceman for stopping by to chat. You can still see all over the questions and answers below.

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