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Asshole Hoaxes Hundreds Of Job Seekers Into Attending Raiders Stadium-Board Meeting

Photo: John Locher/AP
Photo: John Locher/AP

If you lived in Las Vegas and were looking for a construction job, you might have been thrilled to read the flyer below, which promises “JOBS!!! JOBS!!! JOBS!!!” of both the union and non-union variety, to “black men and women” in particular. The flyer declared that if you, the job seeker, showed up to the Clark County Government Center yesterday, you might be lucky enough to find yourself in a job building the Raiders’ new stadium or one of several casino expansions. Unfortunately, it was evil bullshit.


The man behind the flyer is community activist Stanley Washington. After getting yelled at by union reps, Washington defended his flyer on a technicality. He seemed to think he was a genuine force for good—a charitable interpretation is that he assumed the board would be overwhelmed by the tide of job wanters that they’d simply sign people up, but that seems unlikely—rather than a misguided statement that made hundreds travel through the desert heat for jobs that didn’t exist.

“I was on legal ground everywhere,” Washington said. “Then it got down to the interpretation of the flyer. Well, what does the flyer say — the flyer says ‘pre-job recruitment signups.’ It doesn’t say, ‘come down and get a job.’

“All the different opinions, they’re welcome to that. The only thing I’m interested in is SB1, people working — I’ll take all the hits for flyers all day long.”

According to the Associated Press, over 700 people showed up the Government Center, which was hosting a meeting of the Raiders stadium board, and police had to come and quell tensions after they’d learned they’d been hoaxed. Board chairman Steve Hill told off the scoundrels who tricked everyone into coming while also spinning it as a positive sign of the Las Vegas community’s work ethic.

Hill denounced the flyer after the meeting saying, “If folks were brought to the meeting under a false pretense, I think that’s too bad, that obviously shouldn’t happen.”

He added that the attendance “exhibits a real desire on the part of a number of people in the community to go to work.”

As officials told the crowd, there are still a few hurdles to clear before construction starts on the gaudy new building. The city of Las Vegas is paying $750 million for the new stadium, while the NFL and Bank Of America will cover the rest. Raiders officials reiterated their dedication to hiring small businesses and minority workers to build their big dumb stadium. That’s cool, but there are thousands of more deserving causes to raise money for than a shiny new stadium for Mark fucking Davis, such as Nevada’s hollowed-out school system

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