Astros Acknowledge Leak Of Trade Talk; FBI On The Case

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Just now, the Astros have issued a statement regarding the release of internal trade chatter from the front office's intranet:

"Last month, we were made aware that proprietary information held on Astros' servers and in Astros' applications had been illegally obtained. Upon learning of the security breach, we immediately notified MLB security who, in turn, notified the FBI. Since that time, we have been working closely with MLB security and the FBI to the[sic] determine the party, or parties, responsible. This information was illegally obtained and published, and we intend to prosecute those involved to the fullest extent.

"It is unfortunate and extremely disappointing that an outside source has illegally obtained confidential information. While it does appear that some of the content released was based on trade conversations, a portion of the material was embellished or completely fabricated."

Gotta love a statement that's mostly "yes, they stole our stuff" before declaring "but some of the stuff is fake." The Astros spent the day apologizing to their counterparts across baseball, so this at least provides everyone some plausible deniability if things get awkward.


Here's the infodump: