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Astros' Alex Bregman Deletes Account After Sending DMs To Critic

Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty
Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman is currently batting .256 in the majors and .000 in online fan interactions. Last weekend, Bregman was apparently searching his name on Twitter, where he seemed to have found the tweets of @AllenH83. Allen was not wholly enamored by Bregman; his tame opinion was that the Astros should look to flip their young infielder, maybe for a pitcher of some sort.

Allen had talked about Bregman in the past, though it was mostly tame, with one exception being the time he claimed he ran into the player at a party:


Whichever tweet really set Bregman off is unclear, but it happened. He went out of his way to let Allen know that people like him were “flees on the nutsack of society.”

If you want to find Bregman on Twitter and talk baseball trades, too bad, because he deleted his account. Sadly, it seems the Astro chose to flea from conflict.


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