Astros Reliever Ryan Pressly Confronts Cleveland Fan Taunting Roberto Osuna About Domestic Violence

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Houston reliever Roberto Osuna didn’t see the mound in the Astros’ lone road game against the Indians in the ALDS—the 11-3 win that clinched the series—but he drew attention from at least one Cleveland fan all the same. From above the Astros bullpen, an Indians fan trash-talked Osuna about allegations of domestic violence against him. (Toronto police’s charge of assault against Osuna was dropped last month with the pitcher’s agreement to a “peace bond.”)

Fellow Astros reliever Ryan Pressly came to Osuna’s defense against the belligerent fan. Video of the incident comes from TMZ, and begins after Pressly has already come over to the fan, so we don’t hear any of the actual taunts. (“Do you remember baseball before you committed domestic violence?” is the one example TMZ gives.)


“I don’t care what you say. You can talk all the shit you want. Just don’t bring that stuff up,” Pressly says. “He’s trying to be a professional, but you’re coming over here being a dickhead.”

The heckler responds by asking multiple times if the players have heard worse in New York, and then shouts, “You cussed on me and got dirty first, guy,” twice as Pressly walks away.

This is a weird situation, but I think ... everyone here is bad? Domestic violence is shitty. An aggro fan of one team using domestic violence as a way to trash talk an opposing team is shitty. And going out of your way to stand up for a dude accused of domestic violence is also shitty.


Anyway, the Astros’ bullpen must be glad that they’re done with Cleveland. They’re now moving on to face the famously kind, friendly, and inoffensive fans of Fenway Park in the ALCS.