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I don't feel like we have enough stories here on Deadspin that feature high school boys having their clothes confiscated by school administrators. Today, I seek to right this wrong.

Meet the San Pasqual High School varsity water polo team. It was "Jersey Night" at a school football game; a night where members of other fall sports teams were honored and recognized in front of the crowd. The Water Polo team, understandably, was looking for a little bit of attention. They decided to show up and take their bows in their Speedos. Just their Speedos.

School administrators were very uncomfortable with the display, because it's 1924, I guess, and forced the boys to forfeit an upcoming match against Patrick Henry (who would have loved the defiance) High School. My favorite part of the story is where the administrators confiscated the clothing that they shed on their way into the stadium, and made them sign to get it back.

You know who I think should be punished for this? The two guys in the picture who refused to sport the Speedo. Where's the unity, boys? Where is the team solidarity?


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