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At Last, Video Evidence That Mike Laga Really Did Hit A Foul Ball Out Of The Old Busch Stadium

This is great. On Sept. 15, 1986, Mike Laga, one of those light-hitting Cardinals players whom St. Louis fans are always applauding for moving the runners over, supposedly knocked a foul ball clear out of the old Busch Stadium. Because we have all lost our capacity for wonder, this feat has lately gone in for a bit of Snopesing, but at last the folks at Joe Sports Fan have unearthed video evidence—from an old Mets highlight tape, of all things. I love that Cardinals fans give Laga a standing ovation (even if they probably gave him standing ovations for lining out sharply to second), and I love that not even the presence of Tim McCarver ("Remarkable!") can ruin the moment.

Finally, video of the infamous Mike Laga foul ball... [Joe Sports Fan]


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