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Remember that kid who wore his Brett Favre jersey for four straight years? Well, either because Favre has retired or puberty is just around the corner, the kid has finally taken it off.


It's a sad day.

Twelve-year-old David Witthoft wore a red Nike shirt to school on April 24. It's significant because on each of the previous 1,581 days, Witthoft wore the Brett Favre jersey he received as a gift for Christmas 2003 when he was just 7.

"His last day wearing the jersey was April 23, which was his 12th birthday," Chuck Witthoft, David's father, said from their Ridgefield, Conn., home on Monday. "It was tough for him for awhile but now that he's 12, he is a little more concerned about his appearance. And the jersey barely came down to his beltline."

Plus, you know, now he has to make room in his closet for that Favre Bears jersey that he's gonna need in a month or so.

(Sorry, Pack fans ... we kid, we kid! Kind of.)

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