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At Least You Aren't Shawn Bradley

...and no one's making "NBA Bitches, Volume One" videos, starring you. So no matter what else happens today, at least you have that going for you. You probably aren't going to get dunked on today, and even if you do, it's not likely that anyone's going to make a YouTube video out of it.

The league that best lent itself to homemade YouTube videos is the NBA, and this one's one of my favorites, sent in by the Wizard of Odds, spotted at The afore-mentioned "NBA Bitches, Volume One," starring Shawn Bradley. It's a collection of clips where Shawn Bradley just gets hammered. Again and again. A couple minutes in, I started to feel genuinely bad for the guy.


And then I heard the line in the song, " probably get multiple orgasms and sit when you pee," and then it was safe to once again giggle at Shawn Bradley's expense.

Shawn Bradley getting dunked on []

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