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At The Garden With Deron, Stephon And The Cabal

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So it figures: We go see our first (and likely only) Knicks game of the year, and not only is it their most "exciting" victory of the year, but it's a one that, the day after, even Knicks fans don't really care about. The Knicks had a rare stud game from Stephon Marbury — and by "rare," we mean "we didn't even know he could do that anymore" — who streaked down the floor (clothed) and put in the game-winning layup as time expired.

We found the game incredibly entertaining, not just because we saw our old Illini buddies Deron Williams and Dee Brown, but because we watched it with Deadspin soccer correspondent David Hirshey, who was hot on the heels of presumably meeting and conspiring with fellow members of his "Jewish cabal." Yes, our own Mr. Hirshey is apparently one of the infamous cabal out to get now ousted HarperCollins editor Judith Regan, according to your local newspaper this morning. We were unable to garner a comment from Mr. Hirshey about the whole rigmarole, not even after plying him with beer. It may have worked with John Rocker, but Mr. Hirshey, apparently, is a somewhat savvier customer.


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