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Athlete Run-In: Bill Wennington Should Duck Better

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Today's first athlete run-in story involves a member of those famed late '90s Chicago Bulls juggernauts ... Bill Wennington! OK, maybe he's no Scottie Pippen, but hey, anything about that team that doesn't involve Jordan or Rodman gets us fired up. From Chris in Dallas:

I used to go to Bill Wennington basketball camp every summer when I was little. That bastard Derek Harper wanted too much money, so Bill was all we could afford. Brad Davis would always make a stop by the camp, and every year they would play a game in front of everyone where they would start at the opposite baselines, run down the court and hit a layup and run back and hit one. The first one to do this won. The loser would get against the wall, and the winner would throw a basketball at him, usually hitting him in the butt and everyone would have a good laugh; this was the apex of coolness to my 10 year-old reality. On this particular day, we (the campers) were all lined up across the court to watch. As they started, Davis got ahead and won; the competition was not about towel-waving, so he seemed to normally have the upper hand. After he had won, Bill got up against the wall; Davis, apparently having some sort of bad day for reason unbeknowst to me, reared back and threw the ball as hard as he could at Wennington s head, dropping him to the floor. As Bill laid there on the ground, all the shocked campers were told to go get a drink and move along. Davis just left the court, not even checking on Big Bill. At the time this did not seem that strange, but it gets weirder every time I think about it.


We are shocked by this story: Bill Wennington had his own basketball camp?

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